Energy Harvesting

For our lives to become more sustainable, generating green energy is a key, urgent challenge that our society must address. In fact, it would be ideal to have green energy readily available wherever we are. Converting light into electricity through photovoltaics provides a formidable opportunity to do that: while we can harvest sunlight when we are outdoors, we can do exactly the same with the light from common light bulbs when we are in our homes or workplaces.

At the Pecunia Research Group, we are developing environmentally friendly technologies to harvest energy from ambient light—outdoors and indoors alike. Our light-harvesting devices can be made with inexpensive methods such as printing. Additionally, they can be made flexible, which allows us to place them anywhere it suits us to convert light into electricity. Therefore, our energy-harvesting technologies are not only relevant to large-scale outdoor solar cell installations, but can also be embedded in our daily objects and environments. For instance, you could use our energy harvesting technologies to charge the growing number of smart devices populating our homes.

Are you interested in partnering with us to develop these energy harvesting technologies further? Would you like to explore how these technologies could be used to make your products “smart” by powering electronics in them? Please feel free to contact us!