Batteryless Smart Devices

In recent years, a growing number of interconnected smart devices have entered our daily lives as part of the Internet of Things, and many more are to come. By providing everyday objects and environments with “intelligence”, this ongoing trend holds considerable promise for enhancing the sustainability of our daily lives and businesses. Relevant applications include smart homes, smart cities, smart manufacturing, smart agriculture, security, logistics, healthcare, automotive, and wearables.

At the Pecunia Research Group, we are developing an environmentally friendly technology for smart sensors that can be powered using ambient energy. Additionally, our technology allows the fabrication of electronics by green, low-cost methods on flexible substrates. Therefore, our technology paves the way for smart sensors capable of maintenance-free, batteryless operation and that can be seamlessly embedded in everyday objects and environments.

Are you interested in partnering with us to develop this technology further? Would you like to explore how this technology could enhance your products by seamlessly embedding electronics in them? Please do contact us!