Student Theses

Dr. Pecunia supervises postgraduate and undergraduate students carrying out research projects within his Group. The research topics covered to date include the optoelectronic properties of environmentally friendly, printable semiconductors, as well as their applications in printable solar cells, light sensors, and electronics that could enhance the sustainability of our daily lives. Below you can find a list of the resultant theses that Dr. Pecunia’s students have authored under his supervision over the years.

Postgraduate Theses

  • Kai Xia, “Solution-Processed Non-Fullerene-based Organic Photodiodes for Narrowband Red Light Detection”, June 2019
  • Yue Yuan, “Impact of Morphology and Device Structure on Silver-Bismuth Iodide Solar Cells”, June 2019
  • Fengzhu Li, “Harnessing Lead-free Rb3Sb2I9 Perovskite Derivative Towards Higher Photovoltaic Performance Towards Higher Photovoltaic Performance”, June 2019
  • Yueheng Peng, “Perovskite-Inspired Antimony- and Bismuth-Based Lead-Free Photovoltaics”, June 2020
  • Yang Cao, “Solution-Processed Fullerene-Free Organic Photodiodes for Narrowband Green Light Detection”, June 2020
  • Yachen Li, “Electrical Characteristics of Organic and Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Thin-Film Transistors for Solution-Processible Electronics”, June 2020
  • Yan Wang, “Fabrication of Perovskite Thin-Film Hall Devices for the Study of Their Charge Transport Properties”, June 2020
  • Jing Zhao, “Defect Characterization of Perovskite Derivatives via Photo-Induced Current Transient Spectroscopy”, June 2021
  • Ting Zhao, “Photodetectors Based on Solution-Processed Organic Semiconductors towards a Dual-Band Vertically-Stacked Device Architecture”, June 2021

Undergraduate Theses

  • Zhongnan Zhang, “Towards blade-coated Rb3Sb2I9 for Lead-Free Perovskite-Inspired Photovoltaics”, May 2020
  • Chenhui Zhu, “Photocurrent gain in polymer photodetectors”, May 2020